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We are an exclusive highly professional Same Day Courier providing Delivery and Technical Swap Out services to clients throughout mainland UK and Europe
Whilst we understand the pressure on you to keep costs down, we also understand the requirement for a Safe, Effective, Professional and Fully Insured Service.

We will provide this service and be competitive. We are however reluctant to produce a price tariff due to the complexity of the Services we offer against your requirements which obviously are unknown at this point. Call Go 2Day Ltd so that we can discuss your requirements and give you an exact price. 2Day. Having said this though, the following guidelines can be listed.

• Jobs can be priced on Pence Per Loaded Mile (pplm), by day rate or by job.

• If priced pplm, for the Xtra Long Wheel Base Hi Roof 1150kg van, the price would be circa 140p pplm (1 way). Prices would be based on “quickest “ from Auto route, Tom Tom or similar from pick up to delivery point.

• Tolls and congestion charging would be charged to you at cost in addition to any other rate agreed.

• A minimum charge of £60.00 applies until the mileage rate takes over.

• Waiting time at destination will be charged as follows unless prior agreements made.

1st 30 minutes free.

1st 2 hours charged in 15 minute increments @£7.50 per 15 minutes ( inc 1st 30 min's )

• Business Accounts and Sub-Contract work welcomed and discounted rates will apply.

• Technical swap outs / Installations will be priced upon application.



Call Go 2Day Ltd so that we can discuss your requirements. 2Day


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